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Jade Dragon Manga Update! Read over at

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Jade Dragon manga update!  Check it out here on Inkblazers!

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I have officially launched my Patreon for creating manga/comics! Anyway you can contribute is greatly appreciated! My goal is to raise enough funds to become a full time comic artist! ->

Check it out! You can get some pretty sweet rewards! 

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Jade Dragon Manga update! Check it out over on Inkblazers! -> CLICK HERE

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Jade Dragon update! Check it out on -> CLICK HERE TO READ

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Hey all! 
Hope you are all having a great week! I will be posting todays upload as soon as I get home! 
I have a very important announcement.  I know not everyone will be happy with this but I will explain why.



I really appreciate all of my watchers here on DeviantART and have enjoyed all your wonderful comments and support.  I will still post artwork and other pieces to DeviantART but I will no longer post Jade Dragon pages.  There are a couple reasons for this move.

  1. On InkBlazers, I will join the Preview Program on October 1st.  Basically what that means is that I will be able to get paid per every subscribed reader who follows and reads my comic.  The comic will still be free to read but subscribers will be able to see the pages first.  If you aren’t a subscriber, you can still get 15 minutes of free reading if you share Jade Dragon on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Page views and readers make a really big statistical difference over on InkBlazers.  I would really appreciate it if all my readers from DeviantART joined InkBlazers and followed Jade Dragon on there.  The more views and followers I get, the better chance I have at getting promoted to a premium of featured artist and then in turn, can get paid to make content. I am currently in the top 100 of 8,000 comics on the website.  I found this pretty amazing an exciting!  With the addition of DeviantART readers, Jade Dragon could possibly shoot back up to the top 20. (Jade Dragon has been in the top 30 but never more then that)
  3. Going off the last point, I still want Jade Dragon to be a free to read comic but I still needs to make some sort of income to support myself and my husband.  I am still on a job search and have had sadly little success.  The money that I could make through the preview program may not be enough to live on but I could still buy groceries and gas and other necessities we need.   
So thats about it.  When I join the Preview Program, there is a 2 month upload period where it will build the buffer for uploads.  During that time, there will be no new pages available but they will be uploaded (if that makes sense).  It is a big risk but I am willing to take it.  A lot of my other comic friends have take the plunge and have seen positive results! If any of you want to see more information about the Preview Program, here is the link 

I will also be launching a Patreon account here within a month or so.  If I am able to raise enough through that, I will launch an independent reading site on my own domain. 

Here is the link to Jade Dragon on InkBlazers if you with to bookmark it -> CLICK HERE

If any of you have questions, feel free to ask.  Thank you all for all your support and I hope to see you over on InkBlazers!

<3 Katelyn 
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Jade Dragon Update! Read on Inkblazers -> CLICK HERE

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Jade Dragon Monday Update! 

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Double page upload today.  I was swamped with Saboten on Monday and work has been kicking my butt XD 

Enjoy double page update! :D 

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